Thursday, June 9, 2011

Broadcasting- My Favorite Media

     Initially, when I thought about what I wanted to do with my future, I had no idea what journalism was.  I was looking for a glamorous job- something I could be pampered for and be in the public eye without too much criticism.  Since I enjoy speaking and I want to voice my opinion, my then 14 year-old-mind came to the idea that I would make a great news anchor.  Well, this was a marvelous plan until I found out about hectic hours and the standing in the middle of terrible storms I'd rather be taking shelter from.  So, I simply dropped the idea and started brainstorming my other areas of interest.
     After much thought and the development of more than hatred for math and any career that need it, I stumbled upon journalism again.  When I found out about the USM Journalism Workshop, I embraced the idea as a great opportunity to really explore journalism and see if it was right for me.
     On the second day of the workshop, fate seemed to pull me back into broadcasting.  I really enjoyed being on camera- even though my words occasionally were mixed up.  It's a very creative and fun area to work in. Though I may not pursue the top spot as a famous news anchor, I hope to fit broadcasting somewhere into my journalism career.

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