Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Riddance

     Well, after a great week at the University of Southern Mississippi, it's time to say goodbye to friends who I now feel I've known all my life.  Saying goodbye usually isn't hard for me, but I have a feeling today will be.  It's just like the English Proverb says, "All good things must come to an end."  The good thing about this good thing is it doesn't all have to end at once.
      I hope to take all of the wonderful skills and memories I acquired this week back home and put them to good use.  I know this week alone has also helped me so much with my writing, creativity, and confidence.  It is so relieving to know I have found a major I know will be thoroughly throughout the rest of my life. 
      In another light, it will be heavenly to finally sleep in my own bed again!  Not that the dorm rooms were bad, they were basically like hotels, but I've missed my own mattress.  After this week of hard work I know that is one place I will be spending a lot of time in! 
     This week has really been a blessing to me.  If I wouldn't have come, I'd still be lost in a plan for the future.  My next major task will just be to pick a college to go to.  Now, I feel like I have a greater idea of what I'm looking for in a college and I know I won't settle for anything less than the best!  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Broadcasting- My Favorite Media

     Initially, when I thought about what I wanted to do with my future, I had no idea what journalism was.  I was looking for a glamorous job- something I could be pampered for and be in the public eye without too much criticism.  Since I enjoy speaking and I want to voice my opinion, my then 14 year-old-mind came to the idea that I would make a great news anchor.  Well, this was a marvelous plan until I found out about hectic hours and the standing in the middle of terrible storms I'd rather be taking shelter from.  So, I simply dropped the idea and started brainstorming my other areas of interest.
     After much thought and the development of more than hatred for math and any career that need it, I stumbled upon journalism again.  When I found out about the USM Journalism Workshop, I embraced the idea as a great opportunity to really explore journalism and see if it was right for me.
     On the second day of the workshop, fate seemed to pull me back into broadcasting.  I really enjoyed being on camera- even though my words occasionally were mixed up.  It's a very creative and fun area to work in. Though I may not pursue the top spot as a famous news anchor, I hope to fit broadcasting somewhere into my journalism career.

Leaving the Nest

     Where do you want to go to college?  Where did your parents attend college?  What do you want to major in?  Do you want to be close to home?  As a high school student, particularly a junior or senior, you probably answer these questions on a daily basis.  When you think about all these things as factors of that "perfect school for you.'' it can be quite overwhelming.
     I know before attending the journalism workshop here at USM, I had a vague idea of where my life was going after graduation.  Everyday, my goals and plans changed.  I had the idea of journalism in my mind, but it shared the spotlight with my many other alternative future plans.  Just from the first two days at Southern, I've realized that journalism is probably the closest I'll get to my perfect career.  Learning about all the variety journalism offers has certainly widened my views on the field and what it has to offer. 
     If my lack of settling on a career wasn't enough indication, I consider myself to be somewhat of a transient.  In other words, I can't make up my mind.  I also get bored very easily, and after hearing the panel of professional journalist today I don't think I'd ever be bored in journalism.  You have to know how to do every job  because you never know what will be waiting on you one day to another.  
     As a whole, my experience here at USM has been one of treasured memories.  I have met so many people who I admire and have found out a lot about myself.  I feel ready to be successful in my senior year and even more prepared to graduate.  It is also a tremendous relief to have a semi-stable idea of what I want to do in my life.  If you are also a senior, or on your way there, explore you options and this frightening idea of leaving the nest will soon be one more of excitement than fear!